The town of Lekeitio is one of the wonders of the coast of the Basque Country. It is located on the eastern coast of the province of Bizkaia. It is 55 Km from Bilbao, 22 from Gernika and 72 from Donostia. It has road links to Ondarroa, Markina and Gernika.

Situated in the Lea-Artibai district, it occupies 1.8 Km2. Bordering on the North with the sea, on the South and West with Ispaster and the East with Mendexa.

Lekeitio is built in the side of mounts Otoio and Lumentza, which softly slopes down to the sea. The river Lea, which becomes an estuary, flows into the sea between the beaches of Isuntza and Karraspio, with the island of San Nicolás on the left. The beach named Karraspio, the island of San Nicolas, its fishing harbour, the bars, restaurants, its varied gastronomy and the friendly atmosphere of its people make of Lekeitio a village that is is really worth visiting.

Places of interest
  • Fishing port
  • Isuntza and Karraspio beaches
  • San Nicolas island
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