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Haitzalde is the place where we used to play when we were children; it is the place where we came to get to know the sea, its rocks and its cliffs.

It is the place were our children will grow up, where our grand-father started to work the land, and where our parents continue his legacy.

Haitzalde is a watchtower of the Cantabrian Sea, which from its top allows us to travel over the cliffs of the Basque Country. It is a place where the sea, which is capricious in its colours and tones, brings us its breeze and enraptures us with is saltpetre, and where the green lawns become a natural carpet to have rest.

It is the place where we live linked to the land, working and loving it, respecting and taking care of it.

Haitzalde is an open garden, a young forest and old sea. It is the nature in its pure way; it is the place that we would like you to visit. It is our little paradise and we open its doors so that you come and simply enjoy…


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