Una ventana al mar

  • Indoor shared spaces
  • Outdoor shared spaces
  • Breakfast in Haitzalde
  • Outdoor shared spaces
  • Outdoor shared spaces
  • Indoor shared spaces
  • Outdoor shared spaces

Espacios comunes

Haitzalde, as a new building it is innovative but at the same time it is integrated in the environment in which it is located. It has a vegetable cover, wooden cubes/ terraces, stone walls and its big windows allow a magnificent sea view. The rooms are unique and singular, so that the visitor can have his particular experience.

The visitors share the mountain and the sea and the comfortable sun loungers and the grass provide a better rest and a complete relaxation.

A big and bright living room, a spacious dinning-room, a shared terrace and the private terraces of the ground floor rooms have been designed to give a complementary value added to the rooms.

El Salón

The house has a large common room for guests, in a space that is linked to the breakfast area and the outdoor terrace, always overlooking the sea yet sheltered from the wind.

On the first floor a second terrace is enabled, in which the slate floor and stone wall create a warm and natural space, sunny throughout the day.

La Cocina

We offer breakfast service exclusively for the guests of the hotel. The breakfast is elaborated with products of our vegetable garden, together with oil, fruits … It is served in a big dinning room with large windows with a view over the exterior terrace or when the weather is good in the terrace itself. This is the best way to start the day.

Breakfast is served from 8:30 until 10:30 in the morning.

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