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How to get there

Haitzalde is situated in the beautiful costal village of Mutriku, 600 metres away from the centre of the town.


If you come from Donostia you take the highway Donostia-Bilbao, and you get of in the exit of Itziar (exit nº 13) and after crossing the village of Deba, the road GI-638 leads you to Mutriku. Once in the village, you turn right in the intersection that comes after the health centre and 300m further away before reaching the tunnel that leads to the port you turn right and immediately after you turn left and you will get the access road that brings you to the rural house. You just have to follow the road and you will get there.

If you are coming from Bilbao and you take the highway Bilbao-Donostia the access is exactly the same. Nevertheless, if you are coming from Durango you have to continue the road towards Ondarroa and once in Mutriku in the intersection of the Health centre you turn left.

Distances and time
San Sebastián 33 km 35 min.
Bilbao 50 km 55 min.
Vitoria 48 km 55 min.
San Juan de Luz 62 km 38 min.
Iruña / Pamplona 96 km 75 min.

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43º 18,917' N

2º 23,333' W


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Eskimera Parajea

20830 Mutriku


Telephone number for reservations

Tel. 943 60 48 65

M. 626 91 39 00

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