Zumaia, Flyschak eta Itzurungo hondartza

The Flysch of Zumaia is one of the most important and spectacular outcrops of the world and represents an open book in the history of the Earth.

A pedestrian promenade west of Zumaia takes us away from the town center and brings us to a stunning environment. Under the Chapel of San Telmo, patron saint of sailors, a beautiful beach appears, as isolated from the madding crowd, protected by spectacular vertical rock strata.

The Itzurun beach, from which on a clear day much of the coast of Bizkaia is observed, is a splendid setting to reconcile with the world. Besides beauty, Itzurun brings health, since the high concentration of iodine waters and dark sand has beneficial properties.

Places of interest
  • Flysch
  • Itzurun beach
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